Portland General Electric To Join Transmission Group


Portland General Electric (PGE) plans to join the Northern Tier Transmission Group (NTTG), a group of utilities seeking to improve the high-voltage transmission network in seven western states.

PGE says it has joined the NTTG Planning Committee and that NTTG has approved PGE's application to become a full funding member. NTTG will forward a request for approval to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. NTTG member utilities are transmission owners working in conjunction with state governments, customers, and other stakeholders to improve operations and chart the future for the grid linking the service territories of its member utilities.

‘Because system reliability is so important to our customers, expanding the transmission infrastructure is a top priority for PGE,’ says Joe McArthur, PGE's vice president of transmission and customer service. ‘We believe a collaborative approach is the best way to plan for the future needs of the entire region.’

Areas covered by the group's activities include all or parts of the transmission systems in Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming. Pacificorp, Idaho Power, NorthWestern Energy, the Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems and Deseret Power Electric Cooperative are current utility members.

SOURCE: Portland General Electric

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