Poll: Voters Overwhelmingly Support Increased Use Of Wind Power


Voters overwhelmingly support increasing the use of wind power in the U.S. and adopting a strong renewable electricity standard (RES), according to a national poll released by the American Wind Energy Association.

Poll highlights include the following:

– An overwhelming, bipartisan majority – 89% – of American voters (including 84% of Republicans, 88% of Independents and 93% of Democrats) – believe increasing the amount of energy the nation gets from wind is a good idea;

– A majority of Americans – 56% – disapprove of the job Congress is doing on renewable energy, and 67% believe Congress is not doing enough to increase renewable energy sources such as wind;

– A majority of Americans – 82% – believe the nation's economy would be stronger (52%) or the same (30%) if we used more renewable energy sources like wind; and

– A majority of Americans – 77% – support a national RES. This support extends across party lines and includes 65% of Republicans, 69% of Independents, and 92% of Democrats.

The poll was conducted March 27-28 by Neil Newhouse of Public Opinion Strategies and Anna Bennett of Bennett, Petts & Normington. The poll sampled a national survey of 600 likely voters. The margin of error is plus or minus four percentage points.

SOURCE: The American Wind Energy Association

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