Pemamek’s Flange Fitting Station Improves Production, Safety


Pemamek has enabled the safe and accurate fitting and welding of flanges to wind towers and tower foundation sections with its PEMA Flange Fitting Station (FFS)

In traditional practice, shells must be flipped horizontally to get fit for a flange and then flipped back to their original position for welding. Pemamek’s new station enables a fit-up process without multiple crane positions. 

“It is amazing how many different flange designs are currently on the market. Pemamek has worked together with both onshore and offshore customers to make FFS flexible for all different variations,” says Teemu Tolonen, application manager of wind energy at Pemamek.

“Our FFS can handle tubular and conical shells; it has a wide range for different diameters and lengths of the shells and changeable tools to help adjust the fit-up tool for different L- and T-type flanges,” adds Tolonen.  

FFS is a solution for both onshore and offshore tower production. The growing size of wind turbines requires larger diameters and heavier weights in flanges and tower sections – which makes handling these components more challenging.

With the FFS, flange fitting is possible without turning the shell, and cranes can be regulated to other tasks. Also, the amount of repair required remains minimal – there’s no need for lifting clamps.

Photo: Penamek’s FFS

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