Partners Developing Battery Storage Solution Integrated Into Wind Turbine

KK Wind Solutions, Vestas, PowerCon and Aalborg University in Denmark are working on the development of a modular battery storage solution that is integrated into a wind turbine itself.

According to the partners, energy storage needs to account for only about 8% of a wind farm’s capacity in order to eliminate almost 90% of fluctuations in energy production. Although there are already a number of different energy storage solutions on the market, they can have limitations such as high procurement and maintenance costs, the partners claim.

“The potential for a cost-effective energy storage solution in wind turbines is enormous. With such technology, we will be able to make wind turbines an active and constant energy source, which will accelerate the competitiveness of wind energy to new heights,” says Kristoffer Qvist Nielsen, head of global research and development at KK Wind Solutions.

The partners’ solution will be based on a combination of battery technology and software algorithms that enable monitoring and control of the batteries. The goal is to improve functionality, stability and reliability, as well as reduce procurement and maintenance costs.


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