Orsted Using SparkCognition Renewable Suite for Asset Management


Global renewable energy developer Ørsted is deploying SparkCognition’s Renewable Suite across 5.5 GW of its land-based wind, solar and storage assets in the U.S.

By enhancing asset performance management with SparkCognition’s AI solution, Ørsted will increase energy production, decrease maintenance costs and improve operational efficiency.

“Meeting the rising demand for clean energy requires innovative solutions to ensure our assets run reliably and efficiently,” says Rob Keiser, vice president of asset management, Americas, at Ørsted. “By deploying SparkCognition’s cutting-edge Renewable Suite, we can improve the effectiveness and lifespan of our land-based assets and maximize energy output, propelling us toward a more sustainable future.”

SparkCognition’s Renewable Suite is a cloud-based asset performance management platform for utility-scale wind, solar and energy storage assets. It brings different data sets ranging from SCADA, ERP, financial, data from third parties such as weather, forecast and many more into a single view that enhances efficiency and collaboration. Powered by patented AI and machine learning technology, Renewable Suite provides predictive recommendations to identify impending failures, quickly identify underperforming assets, and ensure effective follow-through. Renewable Suite is highly scalable and can onboard a large fleet of assets in a short time.

“Renewable Suite provides renewable energy owners and operators, like Ørsted, with a high-quality data foundation and out-of-the-box, self-serve models to generate actionable insights and quickly diagnose asset issues, providing a platform to enable collaboration among multiple stakeholders,” says Dr. Sandeep Gupta, vice president at SparkCognition. “Our patented AI technology, combined with the deep energy expertise of our SparkCognition team and a focus on customer success, are keys to helping organizations succeed.”

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