Offshore Wind Installations Grow In EU While Onshore Projects Decline


The European Union (EU) installed 9.3 GW of new wind power capacity in 2010, reaching a total of 84 GW by the end of 2010, according to figures released today by the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA).

While offshore wind power installations grew 51% from 582 MW in 2009 to 883 MW last year, new onshore wind power installations (8.9 GW) were down 11% compared to 2009 (9.9 GW).

‘Better access to financing is urgently needed, and the European Union must act without delay to prevent Europe losing its leadership in wind power and other renewable technologies,’ says Christian Kjaer, CEO of EWEA.

Total investments in new wind power plants went unchanged at 13 billion euros, compared to 2009, due to the larger share of offshore wind capacity.

The overall market for renewable power capacity, including wind, solar, hydro and biomass, reached record levels in 2010, increasing 31% from 16.3 GW in 2009 to 22.6 GW in 2010. Renewable energy accounted for 41% of all new installations.

Wind power installations accounted for 17% of new electricity generating capacity in 2010, the first year since 2007 that the EU did not install more wind power than any other generating technology.

SOURCE: European Wind Energy Association

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