NRG, Vaisala Team Up With CORUS Centre


NRG, Vaisala Team Up With CORUS Centre Over the past year, the research team at the CORUS Centre – a research, development and technology transfer center that studies the impact of Nordic conditions on the operation and maintenance of wind turbines – installed a new multi-measurement tower that will be used to test wind measurement instruments in a cold climate conditions. Located at an altitude of 910 meters on Mont Aiguille in Murdochville, Quebec, this tower will notably analyze equipment designed by Vermont-based NRG Systems and Finland-based Vaisala. Both of these companies provide wind measurement instruments.

Designed by the researchers at the CORUS Centre and built by the Gaspe Peninsula firm, AAT Solutions, the 15 meter multi-measurement tower is equipped with six main support arms, each of which can hold two additional instruments' supports. Its unique design features arms positioned at the same height to ensure that the data gathered is accurate and true, regardless of the wind direction.

‘The installation our researchers have set up is unique in its kind, able to hold some 20 weather characterization instruments,’ says Redouane Megateli, CORUS Centre's scientific director. ‘These instruments from all around the world are used not only to identify ice formation conditions, but also to assess the performance and reliability of measurement instruments in a Nordic context of operation.’

In all, 16 wind measurement instruments – such as anemometers, wind vanes, precipitation and barometric pressure sensors – will be tested as early as this winter.

SOURCE: Wind Energy TechnoCentre

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