NREL Employee Honored For Wind Energy Work


Bob Thresher, from the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), was recently honored for his work in advancing renewable energy research.

Thresher, an NREL research fellow, was inducted into Oregon State University's Engineering Hall of Fame. He was selected for his ‘distinguished contributions to the engineering community and society at large.’

Thresher started working at NREL in 1984 as a principal scientist researching the effects of atmospheric turbulence on wind turbines. Later, he led research and development for the federal wind energy program, helping create the National Wind Technology Center (NWTC).

Under his direction, the budget for the NWTC increased from $5 million to $30 million. He has been a strategist and spokesperson for the initiation of a national research program to develop offshore wind, wave, tidal and current energy technology.

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