Nova Scotia Releases Reports About Province’s RE Potential


Two key reports that provide options on how Nova Scotia can meet its aggressive renewable energy targets were recently released. In July, the province announced its goal of meeting 25% of the province's electricity needs through renewable sources by 2015.

The province asked David Wheeler, former dean of Dalhousie University's faculty of management, to lead an extensive consultation process. The final report includes 25 recommendations and examined the implications of meeting the 2015 target.

‘The report envisages significant benefits for Nova Scotians through the active involvement of communities and renewable energy developers of all types, most notably developers of wind, biomass and ocean energy,’ says Wheeler.

The province also commissioned a study that outlines possible future options to upgrade its transmission system. The study provides a baseline overview of possible upgrades, both inside the province and with neighboring regions. It also looks at system- operator alternatives, such as a single regional operator able to balance electricity supply and demand across several provincial systems.

The transmission and system operator study was conducted by Canadian engineering firm SNC-Lavalin.

Both reports will help develop the provincial government's Renewable Energy Strategy, which is expected to be introduced in the spring.

Both reports are available online at

SOURCE: Nova Scotia Department of Energy

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