Northern Power Systems Launches New Distributed Wind Turbines

Vermont-based Northern Power Systems has launched two new distributed wind turbines: the 100 kW NPS 100C and 60 kW NPS 60C.

A new class III 24.4-meter rotor is available on the 100 kW and 60 kW models. According to the company, the 24.4-meter rotor features hub and blade technology that provides better aerodynamics. Northern Power Systems says this increases the annual energy production of the NPS 100C-24 and 60C-24 by up to 15% depending on wind conditions. The NPS 100C is alternatively available with a class II 21-meter rotor option.

The company says further improvements include a new brake system, an enhanced electrical layout, more efficient generator cooling, and an ultrasonic wind vane and anemometer.

The new turbines will be commercially available for delivery worldwide starting in the fourth quarter of this year.


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