Northern Power Rolls Out Turnkey Energy Storage Suite


Northern Power Systems Corp., a Vermont-based provider of distributed energy power systems, is now offering a suite of megawatt-scale energy storage solutions that incorporate various battery types and capabilities, depending on the application and end-user need.

The company has already begun integrating batteries from three suppliers:

  • UniEnergy Technologies is a vanadium-redox flow battery supplier. Flow batteries are known for their long duration and maintenance-free operating life. They are designed for shifting energy demand or storing and delivering renewable energy.
  • Eos Energy Storage offers a zinc hybrid cathode battery that is particularly well suited to daily solar PV energy time shifting.
  • Samsung SDI manufactures and supplies high-performance lithium-ion batteries for a variety of applications and charge-discharge requirements.

Northern Power’s energy storage systems incorporate batteries from these suppliers, along with the company’s FlexPhase power conversion platform, controls, battery management hardware and ancillary systems.

The company is currently working on multiple projects using the different battery technologies: These include a 1 MW/4 MWh system in Washington state with flow batteries from UniEnergy Technologies and a 1 MW/4 MWh system using Eos batteries, being installed at an existing location with more than 5 MW of wind and solar capacity in Brazil.

“For over 40 years, our company has supplied wind power, microgrid and power-conversion systems across all seven continents,” states Ciel Caldwell, Northern Power’s president and chief operating officer. “With our deep know-how and proven expertise in the energy industry, storage systems are a natural complement to our turnkey solution offerings.”

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