North American Collaboration Focuses on Rotor Blade Technology


In addition to the Nordex Group and TPI Composites collaborating on rotor blade projects in Turkey and India, Nordex Group is also transferring the operation of its Mexican rotor blade production in Matamoros to TPI for three years. 

The Nordex facility currently produces two different rotor blade types. TPI will take over the facility and start blade production exclusively for the Nordex Group until 2024. 

“We are very pleased to have TPI, the leading global manufacturer of rotor blades with a strong foothold in Mexico, as our strategic partner,” says José Luis Blanco, Nordex Group’s CEO. “This partnership allows us to safeguard our profitable growth in the coming years and to capture further market opportunities by securing fast deliveries and high delivery reliability for our U.S. customers, in particular. This enables us to focus our resources on our other worldwide strategic ramp-up activities.”

“We are pleased that the Nordex Group has chosen to expand the relationship with TPI by trusting us with their blade production in Mexico,” adds Bill Siwek, TPI’s president and CEO. “It has been a strong global relationship since 2013.”

The Nordex Group and TPI have been working together for years. Since 2013, the Nordex Group has been purchasing its rotor blades from TPI in Turkey, China (through 2020) and India.

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