Nordex Group Earns Product Certificates for Three Wind Turbines


The Nordex Group has received three major certificates for turbines in the 4 MW, 5 MW and 6 MW class.

TÜV SÜD has awarded the IEC Type Certificate, valid worldwide, in accordance with the IEC 61400-22 standard to the 5.X MW turbine N163/5.X. The Nordex Group also obtained from TÜV SÜD the official Statement of Compliance for design according to IEC and Type Approval certificate according to DIBt for the 6.X MW wind turbine N163/6.X.

In addition, UL Solutions also issued the IEC Type Certificate according to the IEC 61400-22 standard for the N155/4.X turbine – the first Type Certification for the 155-meter rotor diameter platform.

With these Type Certificates, the independent certification bodies have now officially confirmed that the theoretical design calculations for the N155/4.X and N163/5.X reflect the expected behavior of the turbines as measured on the field. The evaluation reviews the power performance, measurements of mechanical loads during operation, and the lifetime of the turbine type under different operating modes.

Likewise, the rotor blades for both turbines have been successfully certified for a lifetime of at least 20 years based on dynamic, full-scale rotor blade tests.  The turbines can be operated with standard rotor blades as well, as in the case of the N163/5.X, with anti-icing rotor blades for cold regions.

In addition to the Type Certificate for the N163/5.X, the Nordex Group also received the “Statement of Compliance for the Design Evaluation” for the N163/6.X turbine in the 6 MW class from TÜV SÜD. This statement of compliance for the design is the first important prerequisite for the future IEC Type Certificate for this turbine type.

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