Nordex Fabricates Concrete Wind Tower Number 1,000


The Nordex Group says the company recently manufactured its 1,000th concrete tower for its own turbines: a journey that began 13 years ago with the first Nordex AW1500 turbine installed on an 80-meter concrete tower in Spain.

Notably, Nordex says its current order backlog for AW-series turbines will see the production of the company’s next 1,000 concrete towers by the end of next year.

The 1,000th concrete tower left the company’s Brazil factory in Lagoa do Barro do Piauí, destined for integration with an AW125/3000 machine for the 595 MW Lagoa dos Barros wind farm.

Nordex’s concrete towers are built using 20-meter prefabricated convex segments that can be assembled on-site when a wind farm is under construction, and can be stored vertically until the nacelle is mounted. As the concrete tower facility is mobile, after completion of a wind farm, the structural forms and tools can be transported to the next project within the country.

Nordex has 11 of these mobile manufacturing facilities worldwide, in Latin America, India, South Africa and Spain.

The company offers concrete-only towers for the AW3000 turbines with hub heights of 80, 100, 120 and 140 meters, as well as for the N155/4.5 of the Delta4000 series, with a hub height of 120 meters.

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