Nordex Expands Wind Turbine Testing Capabilities

Substantial investments made to its technical center last year now enable turbine manufacturer Nordex to increase its wind turbine testing capabilities.

From its Rostock, Germany, production site, Nordex is performing advanced tests of its Generation Gamma and Generation Delta wind turbines and related components.

Nordex notes the installation of 15 testing facilities, including an azimuth and motor/vibration test rig, enable better quality control for the testing of core components fitted to the company's turbines. The company says its climate chamber – which can simulate temperatures from -40 degrees C to 60 degrees C – gives it a greater understanding of how components operate in extreme conditions.

‘In addition to larger rotors, a greater installed capacity and growing tower heights, real-life conditions at wind turbine sites, which can be quite harsh in some places, are increasingly playing a role in the development of our systems,’ explains Dr. Jurgen Zeschky, the company's CEO. ‘Our turbines must operate perfectly in extreme cold or heat, in icy or very humid conditions and under different grid conditions.’


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