New Report Shows How To Boost Safety Of Offshore Wind Technicians


In an effort to make the International Maritime Organization (IMO) develop international standards, the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) has revealed new analysis it says could be used to increase the safety of offshore vessels carrying wind turbine technicians.

To create its new report, the DMA recently hosted two workshops with stakeholders from the offshore wind industry.

Compared with those of ordinary cargo ships and passenger ships, says the DMA, the normal operations of this type of vessel bring forth considerably different risks, including fires, hull and accommodation integrity, stability, men over board, handling and storage of dangerous goods, and evacuation and rescue.

”The safety analysis shows that there is good reason to focus on safety on board these vessels, and it provides important insights into these special ship operations,” says Per Sønderstrup, director of the DMA. “We will use the report to harmonize the safety standards of vessels carrying wind turbine technicians.”

The DMA says it will continue its work in the IMO by drafting a common international safety standard for the carriage of offshore technicians.

The full report can be found here.

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