New Report Identifies Areas For Offshore Wind Development In Scottish Waters


A report from Marine Scotland Science (MSS) has identified new areas for future offshore wind development in Scottish waters.

The newly identified areas could support a further 10 GW of development and are in addition to the plans already in place for 10 GW of offshore wind around Scotland.

The report will now be followed by more detailed regional locational guidance to provide the industry, including those in the supply chain, with the best knowledge to locate their activities in Scotland, MMS says.

‘Marine Scotland's new report for future offshore wind energy in Scottish waters identifies areas around Scotland with suitable resource for offshore wind development – areas of shallow waters which are suitable for existing technologies, but also deepwater areas which could used for emerging offshore technologies, such as floating technology," says Rural Affairs Secretary Richard Lochhead.

"We will now produce a revised plan in 2013 to better understand the waters around Scotland and provide developers with the confidence to move to the next stage of project development in Scottish waters," he adds.

The full MMS report is available here.

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