New Golden Spiral Wind Turbine Proves Concept in Wind Test


Fort Myers, Fla.-based Golden Ratio Turbine Concepts LLC (GRTC), a golden ratio rotary device developer, has conducted preliminary wind testing on its newest fully functional Golden Spiral vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) prototype.

GRTC says the new VAWT design maintains the company’s principles of utilizing its patented extended spiral leverage arm technology in conjunction with golden ratio geometry and proportions, producing a wind energy machine with superb balance.

“The new VAWT is smooth, silent and starts rotating in only a light and variable air flow and begins charging a 24 V battery system in only 4 m/s or 9-10 mph,” says James Walker, inventor and founder of GRTC.

Although the new rotor configuration differs in its elements and appearance from previous GRTC models, Walker says it is grounded in the company’s patented concept, which increases the rotor’s torque force through its golden ratio spiral feature and geometric proportions.

While most HAWT and VAWT devices try to achieve their rated outputs at higher wind speeds, GRTC is more focused on providing better results in the lower wind speeds, the company says. The new GRTC VAWT device has been designed to be totally scalable while retaining all of its ratios and geometry. This serves to provide a wide diversity of size applications, which includes being large enough to be configured in an array of units that provide grid power.

GRTC is currently improving on its prototype with an experimental 3-D Golden Spiral wing mold, as well as new rotor and wing materials – all in an effort to make future models lighter, stronger, more efficient in light winds, and exceptional at the higher wind speeds.

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2 years ago

This article is part of unscientific noise. Is it malicious misinformation or naivete?