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Iowa-based XL Specialized Trailers has introduced a solution designed for hauling longer wind turbine blades.

According to the company, 27-foot-long BladeMate Flip Extension can be added to the rear of XL’s BladeMate trailer (or any blade-hauling trailer). The final trailer length depends on what model the flip extension is paired with, says XL.

For example, with the addition of the Flip Extension, XL’s BladeMate reaches to a length of 211 feet. When moving the empty trailer, a driver can flip the extension up, retract the trailer and have a 53-foot-long return trip with reduced permit costs.

“As turbines get taller and the blades get longer, transporting them becomes even a greater challenge,” states Rodney Crim, vice president of sales at XL. “While there are many blade-hauling trailers on the road today, few can accommodate the new, longer blades. This solution will be very beneficial to our customers because they will not need to buy an entirely new trailer to accommodate the load.”

The XL Blademate Flip Extension was made to be user-friendly, the company notes. By moving the lever at the front of the trailer, six-inch hydraulic cylinders can flip the extension up or down within minutes. Furthermore, the cylinder linkage can be unpinned and lowered flat to allow for more loading space on the top of the trailer.

The rear bolster, located at the end of the Flip Extension, offers a 20,000-pound capacity,
making it suitable as the rear-loading platform for the common two-point load setup. The Flip Extension is secured with a lug and pin system, allowing the tail to be completely removed when it is not needed.

The XL BladeMate Flip Extension also offers benefits to drivers hauling shorter blades, according to the company. If the driver uses the Flip Extension instead of fully extending the BladeMate trailer, the wheelbase of the trailer is shorter and thus reduces the trailer’s turn radius.

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