Moventas Rolls Out Gearbox Services For Siemens 2.3 Turbines


Gearbox specialist Moventas has announced a suite of after-sales services designed to address the failures of Winergy gearboxes in the Siemens 2.3 fleet of turbines in both Europe and North America.

According to Moventas, the company’s Extra Life program encompasses upgrades, replacements, up-tower services and spares.

Moventas recently re-engineered the Winergy 4456 and developed a life-extending upgrade, up-tower repair capabilities, replacements and spare parts for this model. Moventas says it is now able to repair and manufacture or source any component for this gearbox.

This is the second innovation under the Extra Life brand; the GE 1.5 replacement gearbox was launched in North America at year-end.

The company says it is capable of servicing the Winergy 4456 up to the .5 version, and further versions are in the pipeline. Moventas recently simulated an up-tower intermediate assembly change-out in its factory.

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