Moventas Launches Exceed Series Gearbox Platform

Moventas has officially launched its new high torque density gearbox platform, Exceed, at the WindEnergy Hamburg trade fair in Germany. Furthermore, the company says a second customer has placed an order for Exceed prototypes.

According to Moventas, the Exceed series is a 3 MW-and-up product platform for medium- and high-speed drivetrains. The company claims Exceed provides 20% more torque density with 10% less size.

In August, Moventas and Acciona Windpower agreed on two Exceed prototype deliveries, as well as serial production of the new Exceed gearbox, both expected to take place in 2015. Now, Moventas says another wind turbine original equipment manufacturer (OEM) has recently placed an order for Exceed prototypes, but the company did not disclose the OEM's name.


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