Moventas’ Exceed Gearbox Nets DNV GL Certification


Moventas says its new high torque density wind turbine gearbox, Exceed, has received certification from DNV GL after completing a successful testing and verification process of the first prototypes. As the gearbox is now certified, Moventas is preparing to start serial production at its factory in Finland.

The manufacturer finished the successful verification process of the first prototypes in September, and Moventas says test results showed that the Exceed provides 20% more torque density with 10% less size and weight than a conventional Moventas 3 MW gearbox. Testing and verification showed that the gearbox’s torque density is as much as 140 Nm/kg, according to the company, which notes Exceed is also designed according to the IEC 61400-4 standard.

Moventas says Exceed showed durability in the highly accelerated lifetime tests carried out before year-end, coming out of the 20-year computational lifetime test run in excellent condition.

The company adds that it continues testing and verification procedures around the Exceed, as new variants of the gearbox will be introduced this year.

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