Montana Alberta Tie Receives Final Canadian Approval


Montana Alberta Tie Ltd. (MATL) has received final Canadian approval to build and operate a 346 kilometer, 230 kV alternating current power line from Lethbridge, Alberta, to Great Falls, Montana. On Jan. 31, the Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) gave conditional approval to build the Canadian portion of the line.

‘We are very pleased to receive the EUB's approval, a major step in moving the project forward,’ says Bob Williams, MATL vice president, regulatory. According to MATL, the EUB has directed MATL to conduct further discussions with affected landowners to address the mitigation of specific impacts on individual landowners.

‘We heard the landowner concerns during the public hearing in November,’ adds Williams. ‘We made commitments to the landowners on a resolution process, and we are ready to live up to those commitments beginning immediately.’

MATL must report back to the EUB by April 30.

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