Monitor Environmental Conditions With Dickson Data Logger

Monitor Environmental Conditions With Dickson Data Logger Monitor environmental conditions with Dickson multi-feature digital display temperature and humidity data loggers, which feature both push-to-start and push-to-stop functions. Data recording is clean and easy-to-read, according to the company. A temperature-only version is also available.

‘If you are trying to map temperature and/or humidity conditions, you want to know when data recording starts and stops,’ says Chris Sorensen, vice president of Dickson. ‘Without this ability to control the start and stop of data recording, you can get unnecessary readings mixed in with your real data, making it more difficult to make an analysis. A start-stop button might sound simple, but it goes a long way to making environmental monitoring painless.’

The data loggers also include the following features:

– easy-to-read digital displays that let you keep track of temperature and humidity conditions in between data downloads,

– options to display current or min/max temperature and humidity readings,

– user-replaceable battery, and

– USB-enabled, triple-speed data downloading.

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