Minnesota Lawmaker Pushes For Wind Turbine Lighting Systems


Minnesota Rep. Chris Swedzinski, R-Ghent, recently introduced a bill that would mandate radar-activated lighting systems on wind turbines in the state.

H.F.3792 would require companies to deploy radar-activated lighting systems that turn blinking lights atop wind turbines on and off depending on whether aircraft are in the vicinity. Swedzinski notes in a press release that an aircraft detection lighting system (ADLS) can prevent light pollution by remaining dark most of the time and lighting up only when necessary.

Under the legislation, an ADLS installed on a wind turbine in Minnesota must be purchased from a vendor approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, according to the text of the bill.

Swedzinski recently spoke about the legislation on the House floor.

“I brought up this subject in the House because I hope the Minnesota wind industry will embrace ADLS technology and deploy it in all new construction,” Swedzinski said. “It should be our goal that ADLS be deployed and retrofitted in all existing wind farms.”

“I’m not big on mandates, so my goal is all about raising awareness,” the lawmaker noted. “North Dakota has taken a strong stand and embraced this technology for the benefit of all its citizens. There is more technology available than the status quo in light systems, and we should do more to implement new systems in Minnesota. I encourage citizens to contact their local, state and federal representatives to advocate for this technology and also urge folks to ask for the technology when visiting with wind developers.”

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