Mesalands Community College Gifted New Tools For Wind Technology Program


Mesalands Community College in Tucumcari, N.M., has received new donations from Megger and Transcat to enhance hands-on training for future wind turbine technicians.

Megger, a manufacturer of portable electrical testing equipment, and Transcat, a provider of calibration, repair, inspection and laboratory instrument services, joined forces to donate equipment to the Wind Energy Technology Program at Mesalands.

Mesalands received DET24C Digital Earth Clamps, worth approximately $1,800 each. Since 2008, the college has received electrical testing equipment worth nearly $40,000 from Megger. This includes the DLRO200 micro-ohmmeter, worth $9,000, which Megger donated to Mesalands last year.

“I cannot stress enough the importance of providing our students with hands-on experience with equipment that is actually used in the industry. Theory only goes so far; the application is what cements the learning process,” states Andy Swapp, wind energy technology faculty at Mesalands. “With help from Megger and the Transcat corporations, we are able to complete the learning process and send more confident wind technicians to the field.”

According to Mesalands, the DET24C represents a new generation of earth/ground clamp-on resistance testers. These instruments induce a test current into earth systems and measure ground resistance in multi-ground installations. In addition, the instruments can be used for the inspection and verification of lightning protection systems.

“Megger has a great interest in renewable energy, and we are pleased to be integrally involved in the educational process,” says David S. Danner, director of U.S. distribution sales for Megger. “It’s important for students to leave college with knowledge and experience with electrical test equipment.”

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