Megger Releases New Digital Multimeter


Megger's new AVO410 digital multimeter features a safety rating of CAT IV 600 V, complies with IEC 61010 and is suitable for use on low-voltage electrical installations, according to the company.

The AVO410 measures DC voltages to 1000 V, AC voltage to 750 V, and AC or DC to 10 A. The instrument also offers resistance, frequency and capacitance ranges, as well as continuity and diode test functions.

A MIN/MAX feature allows users to switch between minimum and maximum measurements, making it unnecessary to continuously monitor the display to observe momentary fluctuations in readings, according to the company.

The product also features a serial port that can be connected to the USB port of a computer. Using optional software that is available from Megger, measurements are captured directly from the instrument allowing it to function as a data logger.

AVO410 multimeters are supplied complete with test leads and probes. The leads are made from extra-flexible cable with heat-resistant silicone rubber insulation, and the probes have international safety standard GS38-compliant shrouded tips.

SOURCE: Megger

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