Mayor de Blasio Called On To Bring Offshore Wind To NYC


More than 150 New Yorkers recently joined community groups, environmental justice leaders, national environmental organizations and local officials on the steps of City Hall in New York City to thank Mayor Bill de Blasio for his commitment to power 100% of city operations with renewable energy, as well as urge him to ensure offshore wind power plays a major role in achieving that goal.

According to the Sierra Club, a letter signed by over 50 organizations calling for offshore wind power was delivered to the mayor at the rally.

The Sierra Club says the letter highlights the potential of offshore wind power to reduce pollution and spark transformative job creation in New York City and across the state. Prioritizing offshore wind power for New York City is also crucial for meeting de Blasio’s broader goal of cutting climate pollution in New York City 80% by 2050 and 35% within government operations by 2025. The letter also calls on the state and the federal government to take the actions necessary to launch offshore wind power for New York.

With the Supreme Court’s recent issuance of a temporary stay to President Barack Obama’s federal Clean Power Plan, moving forward to develop clean energy – and especially offshore wind – has never been more important, according to the Sierra Club.

“Not only is offshore wind power poised to make a serious dent in our climate pollution, but a significant commitment to developing offshore wind promises improved urban air quality; long-term job creation across a wide variety of sectors; lower, more predictable energy costs; and the opportunity to invest our energy dollars locally,” says Lisa Dix, the Sierra Club’s senior representative of the New York Beyond Coal campaign.

Catherine Bowes, senior manager of the National Wildlife Federation, adds, “New York City can no longer afford to ignore the golden opportunity of offshore wind power. We need Mayor de Blasio, Governor Cuomo and the federal government to take swift action to launch offshore wind power for New York at the scale necessary to spark massive job creation, reduce local air pollution, and protect wildlife and communities from the dangers of climate change.”

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