Konecranes Introduces New Industrial Crane

Konecranes, a manufacturer of overhead lifting equipment, has introduced the SMARTON, an overhead crane designed to minimize total life-cycle costs and maximize customer productivity, according to the company.

SMARTON is a flexible crane built to operate in a range of challenging – and often changing – industrial environments. Depending on the setup, SMARTON can lift loads ranging from 30 tons to more than 500 tons. It is designed with features that offer cost savings and adaptability and is backed by 24/7 service support, according to Konecranes.

The crane monitors its own condition and recommends when and what kinds of inspections or preventive maintenance should be performed. SMARTON keeps track of work cycles and predicts the remaining safe operating lifetime of the various components.

SMARTON features a human interface-to-machine system that keeps the user continuously up-to-date on load weight and its position relative to the available workspace. Error-detection diagnostics instruct the user on how to deal with any problems. Additionally, the crane operator can program working cycles to boost productivity.

Remote monitoring is an available feature with SMARTON. Three support centers, located in different time zones around the world, ensure that Konecranes can offer 24/7 support for equipment, regardless of the location.

For more information, visit konecranesamericas.com.

SOURCE: Konecranes Americas


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