Kluber Lubrication Introduces New Gear Grease

Kluber Lubrication has introduced Klubersynth GE 46-1200, a synthetic gear grease for a variety of applications.

The company says Klubersynth GE 46-1200 grease is ideal for temperatures ranging from -30 degrees C to 120 degrees C, has a high load-carrying capacity, and protects against wear and corrosion. The grease was developed to lubricate spur gears, bevel gears and worm gears. The grease iwas also designed to lubricate toothed couplings, ball and roller guides, and rolling and sliding bearings.

‘Klubersynth GE 46-1200 has the benefits of a polyglycol base oil in a fluid grease form,’ explains Craig Desrochers, application and service engineer for Kluber Lubrication North America LP. ‘It offers a high resistance to oxidation for a long life with a low coefficient of friction.’


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