Jushi Group, Gibson Fiberglass Announce New Technology For Use In Wind Industry

Irwindale, Calif.-based Gibson Fiberglass and China-based Jushi Group have developed a high-strength Eglass fiberglass reinforcement, aimed at composite applications requiring better corrosion resistance and enhanced physical properties.

E6 Enhanced Glass Fiber is currently being produced in trial quantities by Jushi and Gibson.

‘The enhanced physical properties of E6 will benefit composite applications with higher strength demands such as wind energy, high-pressure pipe and sucker rods,’ says Joe Peng, president of Gibson Fiberglass.

In addition, this glass formulation has a much lower carbon footprint than traditional E-glass fiber, the companies say. According to extensive testing conducted by the Science and Technology Group of Jushi, there is a 90% reduction in emissions of nitrogen oxide compounds and an 80% reduction in waste gas emissions. Particulate emissions are also greatly reduced, the company adds.

Currently, E6 is being evaluated by a group of customers in North America, and commercialization is expected by the first quarter of 2010.

SOURCES Gibson Fiberglass, Jushi Group


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