Iron Workers Union Offers Wind Turbine Training


The Iron Workers International Union, working with the Ironworker Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust (IMPACT), is offering wind turbine training programs for union ironworkers to develop key construction skills.

The Iron Workers Union has teamed with the Francis Tuttle Technology Center (FTTC) in Oklahoma City. The FTTC is a member of the Wind Energy Training Consortium, a group of training institutions brought together by Snap-on Industrial.

The 36-hour course, spanning four days, focuses on two major areas of wind turbine construction: tower safety and torque/tension certification. Each session trains up to 10 ironworkers.

In tower safety and rescue training, ironworkers learn about fall protection, high-angle rescue, evacuation techniques and types of equipment. With successful completion, ironworkers receive a tower safety certificate from DBI-SALA.

In torque/tension training, ironworkers can gain certification in the use of basic fasteners and proper safety procedures, along with mechanical, electronic and hydraulic torque knowledge.

Due to the advanced coursework, only journeymen ironworkers with a minimum of three years of field experience who have completed Occupational Safety and Health Administration 10, Subpart R, and First Aid/CPR/AED training are eligible for IMPACT's wind turbine erection training.

SOURCE: Iron Workers Union

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