Introducing Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses Inc.


Consolidated Edison Inc. has established a new holding company, Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses Inc., which brings together Con Edison Solutions, Con Edison Development and Con Edison Energy.

Through the three main subsidiaries, the business develops, owns and operates renewable and energy infrastructure assets and provides energy-related products and services to wholesale and retail customers.

Along with its subsidiaries, the new holding company is headquartered in Valhalla, N.Y.

For all three companies, Mark Noyes serves as president and CEO. In addition, James J. Dixon has been appointed senior vice president and chief operating officer of the three businesses. Joseph Oates will serve as chairman of the board of Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses.

“The energy industry is one of the most dynamic and complex components of our national economy,” says Oates. “Success in the energy sector requires extraordinary insight and expertise. With their talent and experience, Mark Noyes and Jim Dixon will lead our team of skilled professionals so that our clean energy businesses achieve their fullest potential.”

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