Inspection2 Acquisition Expands DroneBase Aerial Inspection Capabilities


Intelligent imaging company DroneBase has acquired Inspection2, a provider of AI-enabled aerial inspections.

This is DroneBase’s second acquisition in less than 12 months. In December 2021, the company added AirProbe, an AI-enabled inspections company for the solar energy industry.

The acquisition of Inspection expands DroneBase’s AI-enabled inspection capabilities across telecommunications and transmission and distribution, creating a complete offering for owners, operators and investors in renewable energy infrastructure and systems.

“With Inspection², we can now inspect the entire renewable energy site from asset to grid,” says Dan Burton, CEO and founder of DroneBase. “We’ve developed the industry’s leading offerings for solar and wind energy owners and operators. Inspection² has designed solutions that enable the transmission and distribution and the telecom sectors to quickly and accurately identify early warnings of degradation and take action to improve operations, planning and risk mitigation.”

“This acquisition enables us to immediately offer expanded services to our wind and solar clients while expanding to serve the telecom industry globally,” continues Burton. “I’m pleased to work closely with James and the Inspection² team to bring their solutions to our global customers.” 

With AI, the Inspection² platform reduces analysis time by up to 70%, as compared to traditional inspection methods. With faster aerial inspections and processing, customers are able to make quicker decisions based upon insights – and keep staff safe.

“The challenges of protecting high-value assets have become complex – and more critical. Intelligent imagery is no longer an optional part of your monitoring and inspection – it’s a critical, bottom-line function for clients owning these assets,” adds James Harrison, CEO of Inspection². “Our approach to making it simple and actionable for customers to protect high-value assets in critical infrastructure aligns perfectly with how DroneBase is defining the intelligent imaging industry. I’m very excited to join the team and bring the best of both companies to our customers.”

Harrison will lead T&D and Telecom business units at DroneBase and will report directly to Burton.

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