Ingeteam Launches Next-Generation Wind Power Converter


Ingeteam, an independent global provider of electrical conversion equipment, has launched its next-generation wind power converters developed for high-power DFIG applications. 

Ingeteam’s DFIG drive series offers cost-optimized products for every market and application. The converters are network-friendly and include FRT, SCR and SSR features, allowing them to be deployed anywhere in the world. 

The new DFIG converters are modular to offer customized solutions that minimize the LCoE of wind turbines. Ingeteam’s experience in the field has been used to generate design processes that combine development and validation, guaranteeing the supply of DFIG power converters optimized in the wind market for high power applications in the range of 6 MW to 8 MW, notes the company. The converters interact with a wide range of network connection situations, regardless of local network codes and particular conditions.

Ingeteam continually optimizes its global presence to meet market demand in all regions and can supply equipment from any of its production facilities. Currently, the company has manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia, North and South America, as well as sales and service centers located throughout the world to provide support to their clients.

Photo: Ingeteam’s next-generation wind power converter

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