Ingeteam Launches Fixed-To-Variable Speed Wind Power Conversion System


Ingeteam, a Spain-based provider of wind and solar power products and services, has launched its solution called INGECON WIND FIX2VAR SPEED, a new autonomous power conversion system that increases the annual energy production (AEP), lifetime and grid performance of fixed-speed wind turbines by enabling them to transform to variable-speed machines to best match wind conditions.

With this new product, Ingeteam is taking a leap in the booming wind turbine lifecycle services market.

The new power conversion system, which was validated after thorough testing on Ingeteam’s full load test bench, is now ready for commercialization. The transformation to a variable-speed topology will enable fixed-speed asset operators to obtain the optimum power curve for their fleets, in a wide range of wind speeds, leading to increased AEP.

According to the company, INGECON WIND FIX2VAR SPEED extends asset lifetime by smoothing speed changes; reducing mechanical torque steps caused by wind gusts; and minimizing transients due to start-ups, emergency stops and grid variations. Moreover, the system ensures grid compliance by removing flicker effects and low-frequency harmonics generated by the capacitor banks and enabling power factor regulation.

This new product can turn fixed-speed drivetrains to variable speed without the need to recondition both the original generator and wind turbine programmable logic controller, which helps to minimize the investment cost of transforming to a full converter variable-speed topology.

“We are very proud to be able to provide wind farm owners with a concrete and reliable solution to maximize the return on investment of their fixed-speed turbines. Our customers want to minimize the [levelized cost of energy] of their assets. They constantly strive for increased performance, lifetime and reliability. INGECON WIND FIX2VAR SPEED is an innovative contribution that encompasses all of these objectives,” said Ernesto Ruiz de Galarreta, Ingeteam’s sales director.

The power conversion system will be formally introduced to the wind industry at the upcoming Hamburg Wind 2016 event.


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