Ingeteam Inks Framework Contracts, Secures Equipment Sales into 2022


Ingeteam Wind Energy, a global company that specializes in wind energy drivetrain technology, has successfully secured framework contracts with key clients for the serial supply of its latest technology developments, including its new high-power DFIG converters, as well as low- and medium-voltage full power converters. 

These agreements will secure the manufacture and supply of new generation and conversion equipment across its manufacturing plants in 2021 and beyond.

Ingeteam says since first launching its DFIG converters 25 years ago, this technology has become the standard for onshore wind turbines. Last year saw the launch of Ingeteam’s latest generation of wind energy converters developed for high-power DFIG converters, expanding the range from 5 MW to between 6 MW and 8 MW. These doubly fed converters with high-speed drivetrain technology have been tested and labeled to comply with the strictest international grid codes and facilitate the full wind turbine certification process. For offshore markets, levelized cost of energy (LCoE) optimization has typically been achieved through the development of ever-larger wind turbines. 

“Offshore wind turbines, with capacities of 10 MW and above, will move from prototype stage to commercial availability in the short-term,” says Alberto Barcia, commercial director of Ingeteam Wind Energy. “We are working closely with manufacturers to bring these huge machines to market by developing a third-generation suite of medium-voltage full converters, which offer a range of benefits to OEMs. Their compact and modular design provides flexibility to adapt to power upgrades and they are more easily installed within nacelles. Medium-voltage converters are able to achieve optimized availability and reduce maintenance, both critical conditions for offshore wind farms.”

Power plant control and monitoring are also at the heart of Ingeteam’s business to optimize LCoE. The development and implementation of a Renewable Energy Control Center offered in the Smart SCADA suite of solutions integrates big data analytics and cybersecurity. By offering flexibility in design, backed by R&D, the company says it provides clients with tailored solutions to minimize LCoE and optimize their equipment.

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