Independent Analysis: NaiKun Offshore Wind Project Poses Minimal Risk


The Council of the Haida Nation (CHN) has released a new report analyzing the NaiKun Offshore Wind Energy Project's impact on the local region, land and community, NaiKun Wind says.

The report, ‘Independent Evaluation of the NaiKun Wind Energy Project,’ was authored by Dr. Thomas I. Gunton and Chris T. Joseph – both of the School of Resource and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser University. The CHN commissioned the independent review to provide an evaluation of the economic and environmental aspects of the NaiKun Offshore Wind Energy Project as they relate to the Haida Nation's involvement in the project.

According to the report, the NaiKun project will have a positive impact on the Haida Nation.

‘Based on the principles contained in the agreements negotiated by the Haida and preconditions set by the Haida for approval of the project, we conclude that the project is structured in a way that allows the Haida to realize potential economic benefits with minimum risk," the report concludes. "Based on the extensive environmental reviews by Rescan, the federal government and the provincial government, as well as our own review, we conclude that, contingent on the implementation of specified mitigation measures, the project is unlikely to have any significant adverse environmental risks.’

The full report can be viewed here.

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