Hovertrans Solutions To Build Modular Hoverbarge


Hovertrans Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a designer and manufacturer of hoverbarges that allow access to shallow water areas, mud flats and tidal zones for offshore wind farm work, plans to construct a 50-ton payload hoverbarge for charter.

Measuring 34 meters by 17 meters, the modular hoverbarge will be built by ST Marine. This hoverbarge can be self-propelled by adding two modular propulsion units and is expected to be available for charter in the third quarter of this year.

Manufactured from cold weather steel and with a specialized skirt system, this hoverbarge can operate in temperatures ranging from 40 degrees C to -40 degrees C. The hoverbarge is designed using a modular concept and involves connection of ISO container-sized pontoon units and a skirt frame.

Hovertrans Solutions is a subsidiary of ST Marine.

SOURCE: Hovertrans Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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