HKS Architects Offsets Electricity Use With Wind Power RECs

Dallas-based HKS Architects has offset all of the annual electricity consumed at its 110,000 square-foot corporate headquarters. The firm purchased 4.3 million kWh of renewable energy credits generated by wind farms across the U.S. through Boulder, Colo.-based Renewable Choice Energy.

‘Today, the building sector is the single largest consumer of energy and natural resources in our nation – a fact we simply cannot ignore,’ says Kirk Teske, principal and chief sustainability officer for HKS. ‘We understand that sustainable design can play a powerful role in conserving these resources while achieving energy independence, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and effectively improving our clients' bottom line.’

This agreement allows HKS to achieve points toward Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification and contributes to large-scale renewable energy development.

SOURCE: HKS Architects


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