High Voltage Introduces Very Low Frequency AC Hipots For Wind Farms


Copake, N.Y.-based High Voltage Inc. (HVI) has introduced portable, very low frequency (VLF) .1 Hertz (Hz) AC hipots and test equipment for proof testing the medium-voltage collector cable circuits and switchgear commonly used on wind farms.

HVI can supplement VLF withstand testing with Tan Delta testing diagnostics via a Tan Delta bridge used in conjunction with a VLF AC hipot.

By monitoring the Tan Delta readings of a cable circuit over time, operators can determine if a particular cable is beginning to show insulation degradation commonly caused by water trees. This condition can lead to a cable fault, which can disrupt power delivery, according to the company.

By discovering a suspect cable before a catastrophic cable fault, companies can make plans ahead of time to repair, rejuvenate or replace the cable and splices during a controlled repair outage, minimizing power interruption and service failure, HVI says.

For more information, visit hvinc.com.

SOURCE: High Voltage Inc.

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