GreenSmith Launches Intelligent Distributed Energy Storage System

GreenSmith Energy Management Systems Inc., a provider of distributed energy storage systems (DESS), has unveiled its proprietary battery unit, which shifts electricity load from peak to off-peak.

The storage system allows utilities to realize measurable reliability and cost benefits by recognizing immediate advantages of the peak versus off-peak arbitrage, ancillary services, efficient distributed energy generation capture such as solar or wind, and the reduction of electrical grid congestion during peak demand periods. The GreenSmith DESS also actively manages the green footprint of energy sources corresponding to the load shape throughout the day.

The GreenSmith DESS solution permits utilities and regional transmission organizations to load-shift across time and customers to more efficiently manage electricity demand, reduce costs and increase energy distribution reliability.

By storing lower cost electricity at night and using it during the daytime peaks, the spot market purchasing of more expensive electricity to satisfy peak demand can be reduced. The GreenSmith DESS base units are designed to shift up to 20 kWh of daily load using a proven proprietary battery management system operating for 3,000 to 4,000 cycles, which equates to eight to 11 years.

The unit is configured for sale to utilities and designed to provide centralized control in a manner complementary to existing or planned demand-side management, AMI and overall smart grid initiatives. These units may be installed outdoors with a small footprint and operate with low maintenance over multiple years.

SOURCE: GreenSmith Energy Management Systems Inc.


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