Green Energy Act Discussed At PE County Meeting


Citizens from Prince Edward County and surrounding areas attended a meeting at the Prince Edward County Community Centre Hall, organized by the County Sustainability Group and the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA). The presentation was a preview of what these organizations anticipate seeing in the Green Energy Act, which is expected to be introduced into the Ontario Legislature by Energy and Infrastructure Minister George Smitherman later this month.

‘A Green Energy Act will bring economic prosperity and new green jobs to Ontario, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and allow individuals, communities and companies to become energy producers and conservers,’ says Kristopher Stevens, executive director of OSEA, which is a founding member of the Green Energy Act Alliance (GEAA).

Renewable energy is the solution to both climate change and the economic crisis but to get enough windmills erected, solar panels installed and biodigesters operating, legislation is needed to make renewable energy a provincial priority, according to OSEA.

The GEAA is recommending guaranteed access to the electricity grid for all producers of sustainable energy, priority purchase of green electricity before coal and nuclear power, fair prices – fixed over the long term for renewables – and a strong commitment to continually improve conservation and efficiency.

SOURCE: Ontario Sustainable Energy Association

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