GL Garrad Hassan Releases WindHelm Portfolio Manager


GL Garrad Hassan has developed a new software tool to help reduce operational costs and improve efficiencies of wind farms. WindHelm provides a single platform for the monitoring, optimization and control of any combination of operational turbines, farms and portfolios.

The product gives owners and operators uniform access to, and analysis of, their supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) data. This facilitates intelligent operational decisions, therefore maximizing availability, efficiency, production and financial return, according to the company.

WindHelm also offers the flexibility of user-defined reports for clients that would prefer to conduct their own advanced analyses.

Key features include the following:

– Instant access to ‘near real time’ data via a single user interface accessible from any Web browser;

– No software dongles required or equipment required at project sites; – Capability to manage any volume and combination of turbines; and

– Full compatibility with any SCADA system with an open database connectivity interface, including all existing Garrad Hassan SCADA systems.

SOURCE: GL Garrad Hassan

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