GL Garrad Hassan Launches New Online Data Management Service

GL Garrad Hassan recently launched its new online data management (ODM) service at EWEC 2010 in Warsaw, Poland. The new tool helps wind project operators, investors and developers maximize the value of wind resource measurement investment via stable, accurate and continuous data collection and review, according to GL Garrad Hassan.Â

The service allows 24/7 secure online access to summary statistics compiled from the data recorded, including energy estimates and other critical information pertinent to the early stages of project development.

Routine data checking ensures that problems with equipment are identified and resolved, thereby increasing the value of the data for subsequent use in formal, bankable assessments, according to the company. The ODM service provides access to trained staff to help answer questions and provide further development services if required.

Features of GL Garrad Hassan's ODM service include access to quality-controlled data and monitoring equipment at any time, and a broad range of statistics and graphical analysis.

SOURCE: GL Garrad Hassan


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