Gemini Wind Farm Features New MasterFlow9800 Grouting Material


On behalf of the project’s main contractor, Van Oord, FoundOcean has successfully completed the grouting of foundations at the Gemini Wind Farm, located 85 kilometers north of the Dutch province of Groningen.

The offshore wind farm comprises 150 turbines spanning two sites. The 600 MW project will provide 785,000 homes with renewable energy from 2017 onwards, says FoundOcean, which adds that this is the first project to use MasterFlow 9800, new grouting material jointly developed by FoundOcean and BASF.

Van Oord, who led the installation of foundations for the Gemini project, chose MasterFlow 9800 for its unique qualities that enhance productivity and safety, says FoundOcean, explaining that for large-scale projects, there is a need for engineered grouts that can be supplied in bulk – rather than bags – and effectively mixed to ensure a consistent quality.

The company explains that the MasterFlow 9800 grout is delivered to the foundation at much higher rates than previously seen with blended materials – resulting in reduced impact on the vessel’s critical path.

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