GE Introduces 4 MW Offshore Wind Turbine


GE has introduced its 4.1-113 wind turbine, a 4 MW machine that is optimized for offshore use. The company has signed a contract to supply a 4.1-113 wind turbine, along with associated services, to Goteborg Energi for installation in the Gothenburg, Sweden, harbor in the second half of this year. The project is supported by the Swedish Energy Agency through its technology program.

The direct-drive technology eliminates gearbox parts, lowering operating expenses, and also relies on a modular approach to maximize in-situ repair and reduce the need for large repair vessels, according to GE.

The 4.1-113 design builds upon the evolution of the 3.5 MW direct-drive design, which has been utilized in offshore wind applications.

The base design has been operating since 2005 on a coastal site in Norway in a harsh environment with high wind speed and high turbulence. The design is also drawn from the solutions developed for GE's onshore fleet, including the company's Advanced Loads Control solution, which helps to reduce forces being passed to the machine and lower foundation costs.

GE also has joined the Chalmers Wind Energy Center to help shape the Swedish wind energy landscape further. About 50 new jobs will be created by 2016 as a result of GE's investment in the country.


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