Gamesa Unveils New Products, Services


Gamesa Unveils New Products, Services Turbine manufacturer Gamesa is working to develop new products and services to gain market share. In fact, the turbine maker says that it will launch a new 3.3 MW turbine platform for key markets, such as Europe, Mexico, Canada, Australia and South Africa. Additionally, Gamesa says it will extend its 2.5 MW platform to India and Brazil.

For operation and maintenance (O&M), the company expects 20% growth in revenues through 2017, boosted by growth in total megawatts under maintenance, new long-term contracts and value-added products.

The announcements are part of Gamesa's plan to get to 3.5 GW – 3.8 GW in sales by 2017. Sales this year will be close to 3.1 GW, Gamesa says.

In addition to other key markets, the company notes that it want to expand its presence in the U.S. through value-added product offerings, such as its life extension and overhaul program, which can extend turbine life through proper O&M assessment and condition monitoring.

The plan also prepares the company to expand after 2017 in onshore wind and in offshore wind, through Adwen, and also in complementary areas, such as solar and off-grid.

Adwen – the offshore joint-venture with Areva -Â is working on the development of an 8 MW wind turbine to strengthen its position in the European market.

Gamesa also noted that it's exploring opportunities in sectors that offer a high level of synergy with the wind business, such as solar and off-grid, particularly in India.

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