Gamesa To Build 5 MW Offshore Prototype


Gamesa has signed an agreement to supply energy company E.On with an offshore prototype of its G11X-5.0 MW platform in 2012.

The agreement includes the installation of one, possibly two, Gamesa G128-4.5 MW wind turbine(s) for an E.ON site in Europe. Gamesa will perform the transport, installation and commissioning of the turbine(s) in 2012.Â

Gamesa will also install G9X-2.0 MW wind turbines at a wind farm under construction in Alcamo, Sicily for more than 30 MW. Gamesa will undertake the transport, installation and commissioning this year.Â

Gamesa is currently designing and developing two families of offshore turbines (the G11X-5.0 MW, and G14X with a capacity of 6 MW to 7 MW) based on proven technology that was validated in the G10X-4.5 MW turbine. Prototypes of the G11X-5.0 MW platform will be tested in the last quarter of 2012, and the pre-series will be ready in 2013.Â

Gamesa is developing the G11X-5.0 MW turbine platform together with Northrop Grumman Corp. Gamesa is also developing a generation of larger-capacity offshore turbines, specifically the G14X (6 MW to 7 MW per unit); the pre-series could be ready in 2014.Â

SOURCE: Gamesa

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