Gamesa Rolls Out New Wind-Forecasting System

Gamesa has launched the Mega system, which is designed to provide customers with detailed information on the conditions at their wind farms.

The new system allows subscribers to access seven-day forecasts for hourly wind conditions and wind farm output and offers customers a solution for comprehensive wind farm management that helps to mitigate both the financial and workforce risks associated with weather variations, Gamesa explains.

The Mega service is accessible through a users-only website in Basic and Premium versions. The Basic option offers forecasts based on customized statistical meteorological modeling for each wind farm. The service includes maps with seven-day forecasts of wind and electricity output patterns, forecast trends and comparative analysis against hard data. This information is updated five times a day.

The Premium version builds on the Basic version with continual (hourly) updates via a real-time connection to wind farm data. By using short-term forecasting models, this system provides greater precision and enhanced assessment of likely conditions and output at wind farms, minimizing the risk of deviations between expected and actual generation, according to Gamesa.

Gamesa plans to add features to the Mega service, including precipitation, temperature and relative humidity forecasts.

SOURCE: Gamesa Corp.


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